About Us

Chris Laqueo

Chris Laqueo is the Co-founder/ Head designer of DigiPortPro Illustrations, a boutique design studio based in Singapore and the Philippines. Chris’s love for drawing Hollywood action heroes, notable people, and famous professional athletes started as a hobby that has blossomed and transformed into a full-time business that includes drawing digital art portraits for everyone.

Chris possesses an uncanny ability to capture the true essence of the figures he draws with his fine attention to detail and overall aesthetics. His unique style is characterized by his combined use of personalized brush strokes and color palettes to make his work stand out.


Joe Russell

Joe Russell is a California entrepreneur based in Singapore who graduated from the University of Utah. He discovered Chris’s talent when he contracted him to do digital self-portraits for his entire business team. The project exceeded everyone's expectations, and the rest is history.

Joe oversees the whole design team and business development. In addition, Joe was a former professional athlete who enjoys all sports, so he has a particular fondness and interest in Chris’s portraits of famous sports figures and personalities.



Chris & Joe