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Portraits of People


A custom designed digital portrait of your choice, can be given as a gift or an illustration specially made for you. Please choose the number of subjects and color preference, and you're ready to go!

You provide:

An image to be used as reference for us to work on. The image you provide must be of decent quality. We will let you know if we can't work with the image you've provided. You can also specify a color theme of your preference. 

You will receive:

A high resolution digital portrait based on the reference image you have provided. The art style will be the same as the samples given. You may choose between full color or black & white. Image sizes can either be A4 or Instagram portrait size of 2160x2700px, 300dpi, and with flat background (not transparent).

Relive Your Special Moments!

Let us illustrate your special moment or favorite person using our creativity, and we'll deliver a digital artwork for you to cherish forever.

We offer a broad spectrum of unique, customized digital portraits, including individual and group portraits, sports teams, animals, vehicles, and just about everything else under the sun!

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